Insurance Claims Collaboration Platform

Here you can account your claims and share them with your partners. ClaimsControl connects clients, insurers, brokers, loss adjusters and other claim handling process participants.

and start handling claims online


Here you can account all your claims, including the uninsured ones. There is no need any more to fill in accident reports for insurers, is enough to share the cases with them. At the same time, you can share it with your brokers, experts and others. After adding new information or documents to the case, all participants will be informed by email automatically. You can chat with the participants inside the case.

Insurance brokers

Any insurance broker can manage claims of its clients with ClaimsControl. Claim case can appear on your system can appear in three ways: 1) for larger companies give advice to account their claims in this system and share them with you; 2) we can add claim registration form to your website; 3) you can register claims yourself and share them with the clients.

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API integration with ClaimsControl will reduce manual work of registering and updating claim cases in your system. But even without integration – it’s easier to process information received in standard format of the system, comparing to emails written in free way.

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Loss adjusters

If you have no own claims management system yet – ClaimsControl will ease your work. If your needs are greater - lets discuss them, because soon we will start developing a specialized environment for you.