Mission of ClaimsControl

Claims handling process requires data exchange for big number participants: customers (e.g. motor fleets, freight-forwarders, etc.), insurance companies and brokers, claim adjusters, leasing companies, car repair-shops, lawyers, interpreters and others. Currently nearly all the communication among them is done through emails and phone calls. It means, each company should put the same data into their own systems manually. A lot of time would be saved for everyone and many more opportunities would arise if the systems could exchange the data. But how it’s possible to do, when everyone in the process has big number of partners and they are changing?

ClaimsControl has solution for it. We launched the system, where anyone can create online claim pages and securely invite to join other participants by their emails. The claim can be created directly in the system or imported through open API from other claims system. In this way, any participant, having single integration with ClaimsControl, becomes connected with all the world. He should not care, how other parties prefer to get updates – by email or through their API.

At the same time, ClaimsControl is a claims handling system itself. There are a lot of small and middle size companies which deal with claims having no system or using simple excel sheets. They can start using ClaimsControl as their primary claims handling system for free or with low costs.

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