The new way for insurance brokers to deal with claims

There are two types of brokers – those who handle claims, and the those who don’t .

If to ask any client – to whom he would rather report the losses – to the insurer or to the broker, all of them would prefer the broker. Furthermore, to be informed about the claims of a customer is a big plus for a brokers service.

However, due to standardization, claim handling for a Broker is in 90% of the cases just  a forwarding job of the received information to the insurer and back. The broker mediation in such cases  creates unnecessary costs and slows down the process.

So, both ways are flawed. The right solution should not overload brokers with unnecessary work, but give them access to the claims handling process. This is exactly what ClaimsControl solves.

How the ClaimsControl system works

Anybody – e.g. loss adjusters, insurers, companies, brokers, end customers, etc. – just anybody can create a free account in ClaimsControl and use it to account their own claims. It differs from other claims handling systems in the way that claims  can be shared by just entering the emails. Anyone, who is invited, can participate in the subsequent claim settlement process. In the standard case the client can share the claim simultaneously with the insurer and his broker. If the claim is complicated, the customer can share the claim with the broker first and than the broker itself can share it with the insurer after review.

All the updates are communicated with the claim case participants via automated emails or APIs.

Advantages for your customers

Currently your customers, who keep record of their claims, must carry out a double work – to enter the claims into their system or spreadsheets and then enter the same information into reports for the insurers. This is followed by communication via email or telephone, what also takes the time and does not help to accelerate the process. ClaimsControl saves their time – here they need to enter information only once, and all the participants of the case receives it automatically.

Customers who have their own claims systems can connect them to ClaimsControl via our open API. And those, who use spreadsheets or does not account their claims at all, can start using ClaimsControl for free.

The most important thing for the customer is that ClaimsControl will be his own claims system. He will not need to change it if he will change the insurer or broker. In this way he can collect his claims history year by year and he can account here all the claims, including small and uninsured ones, which don’t need to be shared.

And last, but not least – customers will be happy knowing that their broker gets closer to the claims process.

Integrations with other systems

The brokers, who are using ClaimsControl as their main claims system, don’t need to care about the integrations with insurers, customers or other partners. They will decide for themselves which communication method to choose: automated emails or APIs. The only thing a broker could take care is the integration with its policy system.

If the broker has his own claims system integrated with the policies – it’s very good, there is no need to replace it, but API integration with ClaimsControl can help here a lot:

  • ClaimsControl is the most convenient way to deliver data to your system. Having integration with ClaimsControl, the data from customers, insurers and other partners will be delivered to your system automatically. Maybe you have a web portal for customers and this is not a problem for you, but in this case your customers does the double work, as mentioned above. They will be grateful if you will suggest them to communicate via ClaimsControl.
  • Direct integrations of your system with insurers are possible and you may even have some already. However, the software is constantly evolving and the maintenance cost of every integration is expensive. Using ClaimsControl you will need to maintain only one integration.

What about B2C?

So far, we’ve talked only about B2B, however there is a solution for your private customers as well. They, don’t need claims accounting, but they also would be happy to have their broker near when the claim occurs.

You can embed our claims report form into your website and ask your clients to report the claims there. After filling it, the customer will receive an email with the link to this particular claim case. He can chat, add data and follow the settlement process online. You can choose if the reported claim will be sent to the insurer immediately or only after your review.

How to start

Start with small steps. Create a free account, test the system and contact us to discuss what you are missing there. When we will implement your needs, start a pilot with some of your clients. So, gradually, your clients will start getting the new quality of service from you. Start now and bring customer experience to the next level!

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